Eco-score badge of website 
for a responsible approach

Is it necessary to communicate on the website eco-design? And how? 
If the methodologies differ according to the audit solution, the important thing is to present an honest approach, as complete as possible, harmonized and understanding. 

With the display of an understanding eco-score for all users (note from A to G), and the links to a clear tool and a methodology, you avoid the greenwashing. 

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A badge to be integrated

on a website in only a few minutes 

Once your first carbon footprint audit of website realized, you access the eco-score badge in your administration interface.

The Iframe code offered allows you to copy-paste this badge wherever you want on your site. 
On a CSR page / engagement, in the footer or elsewhere.

A synthetic report in link 

to prove your approach, without greenwashing

A carbon footprint report of website is directly accessible from your eco-score badge. 
This one presents many information and is automatically updated after each audit of your site. 

  • Eco-score of site, and emissions per page viewed
  • Number of pages analyzed 
  • Date of the first audit, and the last
  • Evolution of emissions per page since the first audit

This carbon footprint calculation certificate is automatically updated when an audit is performed.

Many designs of eco-score badge

for integration with all websites

White, gray, dark or colors, the Greenoco’s badge have been thought to be perfectly integrate to the greatest number of web design.
8 designs are so offered for the badge, in light or dark version.  

The last thing you have to do is picking the version that fit the best with your web design. 

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A proof badge, not a greenwashing badge

and a responsible communication approach

Many labels exist, with methodologies more or less scientific.
We have chosen a scale of eco-score in 7 level, from A to G, built by analyzing 400 websites in production in 2022.

The ranked sites in A eco-score are less polluting, they rank in the 15% of sites that are the least polluting.
Sites in G are considered as being part of the 15% that are the most polluting.

The analyses are based on the good faith of the audience information provided by the platform user.
Greenoco carries out checks to ensure the quality of the label, and will carry out exclusions in case of identification of misleading eco-score.

The greenwashing serves the ambition of the more responsable digital project.
We are working daily to keep the honesty of the returned information.

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