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and developers 

How to calculate the carbon footprint of the websites that you make? 
If you have already tried it, you know that it asks a lot of time, and the use of several tools.

With Greenoco, this only takes you a few minutes, and even allows you to improve your development practices, and the offered services to your customers. 

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calculer empreinte carbone site web

Calculate the carbon emissions 

in a few minutes only


With Greenoco, automatically calculate and in a few minutes the carbon footprint of a website. 
The algorithm integrates many data:

  • Content of resources on each page
  • Number of server requests
  • Audience of each page of the site 
  • Host and his PUE if it’s known 
  • Localisation country of the data center 

In a few minutes, the carbon balance sheet of the site is realized.

optimiser eco conception site web

Optimize the performance

of websites thanks to optimization recommendations

Greenoco offers then some website optimizations, thanks to algorithms of web-performance.
By identifying the resources of which the weight can be reduced, with no visible loss of quality, and by crossing them with the audience and host data, we calculate the economy of the generated CO2 for each optimizations. These resources are then ranked to offer you the best optimizations. 

  • HTML / CSS / JS compression
  • Minification of files
  • Optimization of images : resolution, format, compression
  • Font format / typo : .woff ou .woff2

You or your provider realize the most pertinent optimizations. 

communiquer eco score site web

Communicate and value

the eco-conception approach of websites 

You have optimized your site, and its eco-score is now satisfying?
Integrate the eco-score generated by Greenoco by copying the generated iframe code.

  • 8 different designs for an ethical integration.
  • Synthetic report linked to your badge.
  • Several data in the synthetic report, of which the reduction of emissions since the first audit.
  • Automatic badge update

Your engagement and your professionalism will not go unnoticed.

nouvelles prestations éco conception agences web

Offer new services

one-time or recurring to your clients

The web eco-conception becomes a differentiation criterion for agencies and web developers.
In the context of calls for tenders integrating criteria of web eco-conception, of audit demands of prospects, or of clients wanting to reduce their carbon footprint, Greenoco allows to answer these needs. 

  • Website audit existing for one-time or recurring improvement
  • Site audit loading, or in recipe
  • Audit tool one-time in the context of prospecting
  • Carbon balance of the internet site for integration to the global carbon balance of the company 

Many models are possible, the pricing of Greenoco allows agencies and developers to use the tool with flexibility. 
As long as this reduces the digital carbon footprint, it suits us. 

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A model thought for web agencies

and a usage-based billing

How much does such a tool cost? Definitely very expensive given the time we are going to gain, and the performance gain?

The operation of Greenoco is simple:

  • A subscription of 20 € excl. tax/m to access all the features (or 216 € excl. tax/year)
  • A usage-based billing: 1 URL audited = 1 credit consumed
  • Credit packages with decreasing tariffs
  • An offer “Partnership Agency” to generate activity and build skills 

With this model, you know in advance the cost of production of your audits and services. 

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