Web eco-design trainings
and to responsible digital 

How to train yourself to the responsible digital and the use of Greenoco?
Training in responsible digital, and in good practices, is a major challenge in order to achieve better digital sobriety.

Greenoco supports IT professionals, and the companies’ digital teams for training in website optimization and eco-design.

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Training courses in web eco-design

for developers / integrators and marketing project managers

In the context of the partnership program, or targeted services of trainings in web eco-design, Greenoco offers programs of trainings in e-learning.
The trainings address the following points:

  • Explain the basics of digital pollution
  • Explain the basics of responsible digital
  • Auditing a website with Greenoco
  • Perform the optimisation recommended by the audit
  • Editing an intervention report

Based on educational content, exercises and scenarios, this training is provided in the form of e-learning and time for exchanges with the trainer.

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Training for schools and trainings 

in web development and digital marketing

Greenoco also intervenes in the context of trainings and schools in web development. 
Our intervention can take several forms:

  • Provision of comprehensive training on responsible digital issues
  • Integration of modules into existing training modules
  • Training in website optimization and use of Greenoco
  • Speaking at conferences

Your institution wants to integrate a training in web eco-design, and the use of web-performance tools? 

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Training offers and programmes

thought to take action quickly 

The development of web eco-design, and practices of responsible digital necessarily pass through the training of students and teams.

In order to quickly implement these skills, trainings of Greenoco are based on a pedagogy promoting the rapid move to action, and the rapid implementation of good practices. 

  • Understanding responsible digital issues
  • Training in analysis and audit tools
  • Content optimization training

Your students and teams could thus add an environmental value to their work.  

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