Schools and training in web development,
digital marketing and communication

Which schools offer a training in responsable digital?
The subject is new, and tough to address because complex. But still, can you train the students to the good practices, and the use of tools such as Greenoco.

Greenoco supports schools in web development and IT, by offering a privileged access to training modules, and a preferential rate for access to the platform.

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Integrate web eco-design

in training programs

The students are looking for meaning, and the questions of pollution and responsibility of companies and organisations are integrated in their choice of employer.
Et les employeurs cherchent des personnes prêtes à relever ces défis dans leurs organizations. And employers are looking people ready to face the challenge in their organizations.

Integrate the eco-design in your trainings in web development, digital marketing, and in communication, it’s:

  • Improve the offer and the attractiveness of the offered trainings
  • Improve the students skills
  • Improve their employability
  • Integrate today and tomorrow’ challenges
  • Bring to compagnies skills that they don’t have yet
  • Improve the step back and transversality of students

Understanding the ins and outs of web eco-design also means improving the operational performance of organizations.

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Training program

and modules that can be integrated into existing training

Greenoco offers specific training modules for the web eco-design, for professionals and schools.
These modules, in the form of capsules, are offered in the form of videos and courses.
Tests are used to validate the acquisition of skills.

  • E-learning modules
  • The basics of responsible digital
  • Where does digital pollution come from?
  • How to audit the eco-design of a website?
  • How to optimize image resources?
  • How to optimize the Front side resources of a site?

Your school or formation can now integrate these trainings to their program.

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Privileged access to Greenoco

to enhance the web eco-design training

In the context of students trainings, we offer a specific access to the platform Greenoco for the training institution. 
Depending on the number of licences and the use realized, Greenoco will offer a tailor-made quote.
Contact-us for more information.

  • Access schools and formations
  • Preferential tariff
  • Access to eco-design training modules 

For the responsible digital being easily integrate to the training offers. 

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Interventions and stakeholders

ponctual in schools and training

Greenoco and his partners can intervient during specific sessions within your institution, or for conference.  
We will adapt our intervention to the needs of your program, or your event. 
Contact-us for every demand.

  • Responsible digital intervention in training centres
  • Interventions at conferences
  • In-person or remote video participation

Train and disseminating good practices is part of Greenoco’s DNA.
Because the development of digital sobriety is a choice, and for this professionals – and futurs professionals – of the sector must be formed.

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Give more sens to trainings

in web development, digital marketing and communication

In order to disseminate good practices in web eco-design and responsible digital, Greenoco supports training institutions in adapting their training programmes.

To develop these skills, Greenoco offers:

  • Training modules in e-learning and training program for the web eco-design
  • Awareness modules on the environmental consequences of digital technology
  • Interventions in institutions
  • Privileged access to the plateforme Greenoco

With these ressources, you can integrate the environmental issues to training programs in web development, marketing and digital communication.

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