Greenoco, the solution to reduce
THe Carbon emissions of your site 

Digital pollution already represents more than 6% of the global CO2 emissions, so more than the air traffic. 

With Greenoco, without modifying the structure, features or contents, you can reduce the carbon footprint of your websites by 10 to 70%, improve their performance, and communicate on your web eco-design approach.



Measure the footprint

The algorithm of Greenoco precisely calculates the whole carbon footprint of your websites, depending on its audience.


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Optimize the site

It identifies and then sorts all the possible optimizations (images, HTML, CSS, Fonts, …) , and the economy of CO2 generated by each optimization.


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Control the results

Once the optimisations done, you can measure the new emissions and the reduction of your website carbon footprint.


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Follow the evolution

Your site and its audience evolve: Greenoco identifies the new économies of CO2 that can be made, for a reponsible digital.



Calculate and reduce the carbon footprint of a website presents of course an action in favor of the environment. 
But the realized optimizations also improve the operational performance of the site.

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Carbon footprint 

In average 25% of reduction of carbon footprint on the sites analysed with Greenoco, sometimes up to 70%. Less ressources loaded, it’s less energy consumed. 

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Of the website

A site optimized load less ressources, and is faster. The user experiences is improved, and your users access faster to contents.

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A website faster to load improve your natural reference SEO, and the performance of your advertising campaigns SEA. 

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50 % of users rather products and services reducing their environmental impact. Your transformation rate in e-commerce increase so.

A plateform dedicated to web professionals 

Greenoco has been developed by and for all web professionals with 4 mains objectives: 

  • Realize audits of web eco-design of all URLs of a site in less than 10 minutes. 
  • Identifie the web-performance optimizations the most relevant depending on the audience
  • Validatethe web eco-design approach thanks to an eco-score badge. 
  • Allows the development of new recurring services. 

The plateform is aimed to web agencies and developers, SEO and SEA agencies, and to IT schools and trainings. 

It is also aimed to advertisers, e-commerce editors, and to consultants in responsible digital and in carbon assessment. 

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réduire empreinte carbone numérique
Good for the planet

Digital consumes more than 10% of the global electricity. By improving the carbon footprint of your site, you reduce these electric consumptions and the obsolescence of equipment.

Good for your image

Wtih Greenoco, communicate on your approach and your actions to reduce digital carbon footprint and of your activities. You will receive a certificate each year.

The decarbonized news

Discover the news linked to the decarbonization of activities, the impacts and causes of digital pollution, and solutions to reduce it on a daily basis, for both organizations and citizens.

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