History and evolution of carbon emissions
of websites

How to follow the evolution of the pollution of websites? 
Realizer calculation audits, realize optimizations, it’s good. But what about the global trajectory?

Our ambition is to contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions tied to digital, so we have integrated a website history feature. 

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History of the CO2 emissions of the site 

overall, and per page view

For each audit of a same site, Greenoco saves many data. 
This feature allows to know the evolution of the emissions of a website through the time. 

  • History of carbon emissions of the whole site
  • History of carbon emissions per page viewed

The majority of informations, interim reports are removed from our databases to reduce Greenoco’s carbon footprint.

The resumption of emission trends

since the first audit

The preservation of these data allows to present a global trajectory of website carbon emissions. 

  • Reduction (or increasing) the overall emissions of the website
  • Evolution of the emissions per page viewed

These evolutions can be presented in activity reports, notes, or in external communication.

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“We only improve what we measure”

with measuring the carbon footprint of websites,
reduce the carbon footprint of digital

Measuring and calculating this is good, reduce it’s better.

It’s for this reason that exists Greenoco: group into one tool the carbon footprint calculation of websites, and the identification of optimizations to reduce it.

Need to review the benefits of the approach?

  • Reduction of the energy consumption (data center, network, terminals)
  • Reduction of the obsolescence of equipment
  • Reduction of loading time of sites
  • SEO improvement
  • Reductions of SEA costs
  • Increasing of rate conversion in e-commerce
  • Reduction of host costs (excluding shared hosting)

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