Offers and tariffs
audit platform of website Greenoco

How much does cost an eco-design audit of website?
With Greenoco, realize these audits quickly and automatically, in the context of a clear pricing.

Web agencies, responsible digital advisors and consultants, SEO/SEA agencies and developers can now realize these audits at a lower cost.
And implement their skills to reduce the digital carbon footprint.

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A subscription for an unlimited access to Greenoco

and a usage-based-billing

We have made the choice of an affordable fixed pricing, and an usage-based-billing to open features of the platform to the maximum number of people.
Because the reduction of digital carbon footprint does not only concern the big companies, but all the editor of website.

Our subscriptions Agency integrate everything:

  • Unlimited number of audited site
  • Up to 250 URLs by audit, simultaneously
  • Unlimited number of audits
  • Eco-score badge for all sites
  • Synthetic report for internet users

You want to become a Greenoco’s partner? Our subscription “Partner agency” is made for you

Subscription tariffs

and website audit credits packs

It’s simple: a subscription to access all features of Greenoco, and a credit consumed for each URL audited. 


20€ excl. tax/m
216€ excl. tax/year (-10%)


  • Unlimited websites
  • Unlimited audits
  • Up to 250 URLs / audit


  • Site and pages carbon audit
  • Optimization recommendations
  • Eco-score badge and synthetic report
  • Historical emissions
  • Support by email

Partner Agency

39€ excl. tax/m
421€ excl. tax/year (-10%)


  • Features of the Agency subscription
  • Support by email / tel / visio


  • Visibility in the directory of partner service providers
  • Sharing incoming leads
  • Partner affiliate code
  • Access to business training

Audit credits

Credits with no validity limit
Price excl. tax


  • 50 credits: 60 € (1,20 € / credit)
  • 100 credits: 100 € (1 € / credit : – 16%)
  • 200 credits: 185 € (0,92 € / credit : – 23 %)
  • 500 credits: 440 € (0,88 €/ credit : – 26 %)
  • 1 000 credits: 850 € (0,85 € / credit : – 29 %)
  • 2 000 credits: 1 600 € (0,80 € / credit : – 33 %)
  • 5 000 credits: 3 800 € (0,76 € / credit :  – 36 %)
  • 10 000 credits: 7 300 € (0,73 € / credit : – 40 %)

You are an advertiser? Two options

either use the agency offer, or recommend us to your provider

You edit one or many website and want to use Greenoco to calculate and reduce your carbon footprint of website? 
Two possibilities are available for you:

Use the offer “Agency” if you have your team of developers:

  • Autonomy over the use of Greenoco
  • Execution of internal optimisations
  • Efficiency and productivity gains for web-performance optimization of your sites
  • Possible business training for your teams (OPCO / Qualiopi)

Or recommend Greenoco to your current providers:

  • Greenoco takes in charge the demonstration and technical explanations with your service provider
  • Achievements of externalised optimisations
  • Access to audit results through the reader user role on audited sites
  • Welcome gift: a pack of 100 credits per provider engaged to realize the first audit of carbon footprint of website 

In any case, contact us to identify the most effective way to operate for your organization.

Schools and training organizations

contact us to discover our partnerships

You offer trainings in web design, communication and digital marketing, and want to integrate the eco-design and the responsible digital to your trainings? 

Greenoco supports the institutions of training, with specific offers: 

  • School specific subscription, with reduced cost per license
  • E-learning training modules
  • Training modules in capsule form
  • Credit packages for your students

Lifelong training in digital sobriety is part of Greenoco’s DNA.
We will take up this challenge with you.

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A model thought for IT professionals

for a transition through a more responsible digital 

We could have chose a model of pricing higher, in view of the advantages of Greenoco. 
But the impact and our commitment encourages us to maintain this affordable model, to maximise the economy of CO2 generated. 

What are the main benefits for your?

  • A reduced monthly subscription
  • A clear pricing model
  • Significant time savings for audits, and site optimization
  • The possibility to quickly make quotations, or incorporate these services in your proposals
  • A partner offer to highlight and develop your differentiation

With Greenoco, you could now answer your objectives of eco-design of your clients and prospects website.

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