Greenoco, what is it?

12 June 2023 | Committed Startup

Greenoco what is it ?

Using the internet nowadays is unavoidable. Such for the transmission of knowledge, the digital preservation of the latter, as for communicating, promoting or selling its goods and its services. But we know it, the internet pollutes. Creating a website and putting content online contribute to CO2 emissions. Why, and moreover how, we, Greenoco, can help companies by realizing the importance of the crucial issue of the environment ? Let us explain to you how to reduce your digital carbon footprint. by optimizing your website. 

Digital pollution, a worldwide issue.  

It is important to precise that at the first plan a website can pollute by many ways : 

  • depending on the number of connections to the site, the more connections and pages loaded on your website, the bigger the pollution will be. 
  • depending on the general weight of the website, and to explain in detail, of a page and loaded resources (image, files, videos,…). Indeed, every page generates its own weight of carbon emission : one page with only 500 words will not require as much energy as one with images, videos, etc. 

In fact, everyone of our actions on the internet has an impact in terms of carbon emissions. 

Digital pollution in few figures

Thus, by example, daily, 16 millions of Google researches represents 16 kilos of CO2 emitted every second, more than a ton per day. An email of 1mo generates 19 grams of CO2, and 205 billions of emails are sent everyday in the world. Every request or action requires energy so they can be real, so electricity. Here’s what generates CO2 : the energy used to answer those questions. 

To manage all the data exchanges, we need to rely on data centers…

Data centers  

These are infrastructures composed of computers, servers and huge hard disks having a mission to save all the digital data, to store websites, emails, videos, social networks. Indeed, every request on the internet is sent then treated by servers. 

These centers are energy consumers by their need to be fed and cooled constantly. Indeed they’re working 24h/24, consuming energy and also releasing a lot of heat. They need to be cooled permanently. By this fact, an average data center consumes as much electricity as a city of 30 000 people. 

So what are the solutions?

Which solutions Greenoco proposes? 

In order to tend to an internet use more respectful of the environment, Greenoco develops digitals solutions engaged for the climate. We carry out carbon audits of your website(s) in order to measure and find where these main sources of emissions come from, and then to propose solutions to reduce them. 

And this is working on 7 steps : 

  1. The first contact with the client has a goal to understand the intention of the website : e-commerce, showcase site, bloc, etc. Indeed, depending of the type of website, solutions are adapted  
  2. The audience data of the website are recovered to start the research work 
  3. The analysis of the website and of all URL can start 
  4. Thus, every page is submitted to analyze in order to measure its carbon emissions, thanks to a specific algorithm developed by our teams ; 
  5. An audit of the whole resources is made (images, photos, slides, files PHP, HTML, CSS, etc.) in order to identify the feasible optimizations and adapted to every client
  6. The whole resources are compiled and classed to identify the most pertinent optimizations for every website in terms of reducing the carbon emissions 
  7. Finally, a global audit report is presented with it : current emissions of the website on the last 12 months, the potential optimization of the website (in TeqCO2 and in %), optimizations to do first (the 10 more important in terms of digital carbon impact and the next), to finish with whole optimizations to be done. 


The eco-conception of a website presents not only a benefit for your company’s image, the speed of displaying the website and so the user’ experience and the natural referencement. It is also a synonym of a strong ecologic engagement because you’re reducing your carbon impact. 

To go furthermore, we are currently developing a platform allowing you to realize the measure of the carbon footprint of your website, and to follow the optimizations that need to be done during the time. 

Contact us or request us a quote to start your approach !

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