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How to quickly identify the optimizations of a website for the natural reference? 
Sans tools allow to follow the health score of sites, but they don’t precise how to reduce the loading time. 

With Greenoco, in a few minutes, you identify the technical resources to improve to reduce the loading time. This allows to improve the SEO position, and contributes to reduce the SEA campaigns costs.  

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Identify the technical optimizations

of websites in a few minutes

W Greenoco, audit the technical performances of full websites depending on their audience. 
This long and fastidious work is realized in a few minutes by Greenoco, up to 250 URLs simultaneously. 

The generated report allows to identify the main optimizations of web-performance front-side. 

  • Audit of page weights and number of requests
  • Identification of resources to be optimised without loss of quality
  • Site Performance Tracking and History Tool

By sharing this information with development teams, you reduce the time it takes to load websites, and optimize website optimization budgets.

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Optimize the SEO performances

of websites by following the optimization recommendation

Once the audit realized, transmit your recommendations to the web agency or to the client. By realizing the optimizations, you reduce the loading time of your site, and improve the SEO performances. 
Complementary to optimizations of content, tags, the development of netlinking and internal networking, it is a quick point to improve if we know where to act.

  • Identification of HTML / CSS / JS compression
  • Identification of file minification
  • Image optimization: resolution, file extension, compression
  • Font/typo format: . woff or . woff2

You or your web agency can now act quickly on the resources the most important. 
Saving time in the audit, but also in the realization of optimizations.

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Optimize the performances of your SEA campaigns

thanks to the web-performance

The costs of SEA search and display campaigns are subject to several variables:​ quality of advertisements, consistency of the target site, competition on auctions, but also technical performance of the target sites.
With Greenoco, you can quickly audit and improve the website performances, with many benefits:

  • Reduced loading time, so advantage over other advertisers
  • CPC / CPM SEA Announcement Reduction
  • Improved campaign conversion rates (faster site)
  • SEA ROI Enhancement

Thus, you improve the commercial performances of SEA campaigns. Your customer will like your overall vision.

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Integrate the responsible board

in your SEO/SEA advice approach 

The advertisers are more and more soucions in their eco-design approach, even in their advertising and acquisition campaigns.
By using Greenoco as tool to realize SEO/SEA audits, you support a global approach of responsible digital.

  • Improved environmental performance of customer websites
  • SEO / SEA campaign enhancements
  • Integration of an eco-design web badge on customer sites
  • Possibility to join the “Partner Agency” network of Greenoco, and to capture leads and visibility via the Greenoco directory (SEO always;-))

Your engagement for a digital more responsable will be visible.

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Offer new services 

one-off or recurring to your customers 

The web eco-design becomes a differentiation criterion for SEO and SEA agencies.  
In the context of demands of prospects audits, or customers wishing to improve the natural or paying reference of their website, Greenoco becomes a complementary and differentiating tool, that you can easily integrate to your existing audits offers. 

  • Audit of website eco-design, punctual or recurrent
  • Website audit under development before going into production
  • Spot audit as part of SEO/SEA customer prospecting
  • Website carbon footprint for integration into the company’s overall carbon footprint

Many approaches are possible, the simplicity of Greenoco’s pricing allows you to imagine many solutions.
As long as it helps reduce the carbon footprint of digital, that’s fine with us.

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A model developed for SEO/SEA agencies

and a usage-based-billing 

How much does cost Greenoco ? In view of the possible gains on SEO budgets and SEA campaigns, this remains marginal.

The operation of Greenoco is simple:

  • A subscription of 20 € excl. tax/m to access the whole features (or 216 € excl. tax/year)
  • A usage based billing: 1 credit consumed for each URL audited 
  • Credit packages with decreasing tariffs
  • Unlimited use: as many sites, URLs and audits as you want
  • A “Partner Agencies” offer to generate activity and improve skills

With this model, you know in advance the cost of production of your audits of web performance for the SEO/SEA.

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