Carbon footprint calculation of website
How does it work?

To calculate the carbon footprint of a website, Greenoco has developed an algorithm taking in account the audience, page content, the host and the country where the data center is located. 
The Saas platform allows to simultaneously analyze all the URL of website, for a complete calculation, and fast.

With Greenoco, calculate in a few minutes the carbon footprint of a website.

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Save a site,

and inform its audience

With a subscription at Greenoco, you can calculate the carbon footprint of as many sites as you want, no limit.
to analyze a site, it’s simple:

  • Create the site instance: name of the site, and URL root
  • Inform the audience: either by connecting a Google Analytics account, or by charging a .csv file of the annual audience per page.
  • Start the audit

The complete analyses takes 1 minute for less than 10 URLs, 5 minutes for 200 URLs analyzed.

Results of the audit

of website carbon footprint calculation 

Once the analyses’ done, a synthetic view presents many data:

  • Carbon footprint of a website on a year
  • Carbon footprint on each page
  • Web site eco-score balanced audience, and of each page
  • Emission reduction potential
  • Emission changes since the last audit, and carbon emissions avoided

An email is also sent to you at the end of each audit.

An audit page per page

for a more precise analyses

You also find a page by page analysis, to identify more in details the causes of carbon emissions.
Many informations are presented synthetically:

It is then easy to identify the most polluting pages, and the optimizations that have to be done. 

A history of emissions

of site, and per page viewed

“Only what is measured can be improved”.
For each audit, some data are conserved to generate an history of carbon emissions of the site analyzed. 

  • Total carbon footprint of the site on a year
  • Carbon footprint per page viewed

These data allow to follow the path of emissions through a digital more sober.
And the results of the efforts made.
Only some data are conserved, in order to reduce the space of data base of Greenoco, and our own carbon footprint. 

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Calculate the carbon footprint of the website 

first step to the improvement 

Calculate the carbon footprint of a website is an important step. This analyses allows to draw up an initial photograph, or to measure the evolutions in time.
But it’s pretty useless if we don’t implement complementaries actions to reduce it. It’s for this that Greenoco offers other benefits:

With a simple and transparent model of subscription, you will not have excuses anymore to reduce the carbon footprint of your site, and optimize performance of your digital services.

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